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This guide will serve you in using the Finding MFG Forum in the best way possible and help us to help you.

The Industry Experts on this Forum are here to assist you with your queries and help you find the best possible solutions.

  1. Always consider doing the initial research yourself. Go through all the relatable queries that you can find, chances are that you will find some relatable queries and their solutions.

  2. Go through the "Frequently Asked Questions" on this forum. The fast-paced, dynamic environment of the industries requires this section to be updated constantly, which helps the users know and understand the recent industry trends, pricing, etc.

  3. Be specific while posting a query on the forum. Make your questions as detailed as possible. We need to know everything about your needs and requirements in order to provide you with the most viable solutions.

  4. Make sure that you keep coming to check back a few times and take some time out to read all the answers to your query. Some questions can do away with simple answers, others can vary in the level of complexity which can lead to a wide variety of opinions. Process it all and see what works best for you.

  5. Leave your feedback. Tell us what worked for you, what did not.

  6. If someone really successfully helped you out with your query, make sure that you thank them and express your gratitude. This will encourage building a more responsive community.

  7. Finally, don't take advice that you received from the bible. Always go through multiple resources and Allow yourself some flexibility to make up your own mind.


Printed circuit boards have become critically important in all sectors, and especially in the electromedical sector that continues to advance by leaps and bounds.
Innovation promotes the evolution of many sectors, and all technological innovation is preceded by printed circuit boards that must guarantee the standards for the correct operation of the tool. One of the technologies that continues to grow is electromedicine, and that is why safety standards must be very high so that they have high reliability and durability.
The trend in electromedical devices is smaller products with a higher component density. It is important that designers take into account different variables in their arrangement, length, heat dissipation, traces, etc ... so that the margins of error are minimal. It should also be noted that this type of device requires plates with greater flexibility both in design and production.

Here are some simple rules that can help with your design and development task:

  • Components. SMTs have become the most widely used for electronic applications because they allow the use of smaller components, thus reducing the size of the PCB. In addition, itsassembly usually reduces costs since it is not necessary to make holes.

  • Materials . The application of this type of circuits in the health sector makes the choice of materials and substrates go through a much more in-depth analysis, where they mustcontain the following:compliance with RoHSregulations;maximum service temperature, connectivity options; and availability of RF signals and / or high frequency signals.

  • Longevity. It is important to take into account the obsolescence of the components involvedin the circuit. Designers must collaborate with manufacturers and suppliers to avoid apremature end. If this happens and the diagram must be modified, it must go through thehomologation again.

  • Maintenance . Access to connectors should be easy so that maintenance personnel canquickly access them. This affects the layout of component placement, PCB layout, orrouting


The technology of the Internet of Things is considered as a lever for change, and it will be a
fundamental factor to increase the efficiency and profitability of organizations.
The IoT (Internet Of Things) will be a key technology in the coming years, and that is why it
is already considered a lever for change, becoming a fundamental factor to increase the
efficiency and profitability of organizations.

In this way, we must place special emphasis on the printed circuit when we design a
prototype or an IoT project, in addition to the provider with whom we are going to work. It is a
fact that the quality and performance of our solution will determine us in the future. Here, on
this article, we will help and advise our clients so that they select the right printed circuit and
components for their project.

If we focus on "the internet of things" we see that it is a device that obtains data and
communicates it. In a project of such magnitude, if we do not have the appropriate
characteristics in the design, we will not be able to obtain the useful life so important in a
device of this level, and the sufficient capacities to introduce programming.
What benefits can a company obtain with this technology?

 Full traceability
 Greater business efficiency
 Route and delivery optimization
 Cost reduction
 Better customer experience

Do you have a special project that requires the manufacture and assembly of printed circuit
boards? It is the moment that you know more about us.


The role of being a supplier of factory rubber products is important as it determines the customer's success rate in using their supplies. And for the business, having a defined process for choosing the best supplier and meeting their specific demands is a great way to guarantee the quality of what is delivered to their final customer, in addition to the best operation of machines and equipment.

Selecting good suppliers is very important for any business and requires a lot of attention, both when choosing the best partners and when carrying out a long-term management of contracts. And a supplier of rubber products needs to meet different requirements such as quality certificates and the optimization of their processes to ensure delivery, so tailored products are essential.

Thus, it is important to know all the attention and details when choosing a rubber product supplier for your factory. Keep following our publication and discover more tips for the success of this task!

The importance of having a good supplier of rubber products for your factory

A rubber product has different applications, in the most different segments of the industry and its main functionality is to guarantee the sealing between two systems with the sealing rubber . They can also be used to reduce noise and protect parts when there is a possibility of contact between metals.

Thus, a good supplier of rubber products for the industrial area must, above all, be specialized in the area to deliver the necessary confidence in the use of their product. This allows the best performance levels to be reached and guarantees the satisfaction of the end customer, who has a part with the highest quality standards.

For the customer, having a good supplier of rubber product for factories means less concern when it comes to maintaining their operation with the best productivity rates. It's knowing that the part that will be installed on your production line has guaranteed reliability and won't cause problems in the short term.

Attention to detail when choosing

That having a good supplier is an important step in any business, it is already known. Ensuring quality , deadlines and compliance with contracts is one of the main ways to visualize which of the supplier options is playing a healthier role for your needs.

An important point is: pay attention to details and do a lot of research before finalizing the choices or signing a long-term contract with a new supplier. Both the internet and colleagues in the same field can help in exchanging experiences, even yielding new indications and other points of attention that until then were not noticed.

What's more, a supplier of rubber products for the factory still has to meet specific requirements when it comes to guaranteeing the quality of its product and becoming a long-term partner. Since quality certificates and the progress of business processes are some of the essential topics when understanding your partner's reality.

How to choose a good supplier of rubber products for your factory?

Choosing a good rubber product supplier for the factory involves a careful analysis of some requirements that a good partner must meet to maintain the quality of your business. And these points go beyond the quality of the product itself, especially when understanding the consumer market and the attention to details that until then were not so important to customers.

Consumers are changing and paying attention to points such as sustainability and the quality of the company's processes, especially when related to impacts on the environment and society. Quality certificates are great examples to demonstrate and attest this commitment to its customers, and it is vitally important to pay attention to this when choosing a good supplier.

Pay attention to quality certificates

A supplier can inform you that they have well-mapped processes, values ??excellence in the manufacture of their products and also applies continuous improvement. But the way to guarantee this is through quality certifications or also through the Quality Management Systems – SGQs.

There are some quality certificates for application in industry and the main one is ISO 9001 . This is considered the main standard that relates quality management models. For a company to obtain this certification, it must achieve a series of goals and objectives that involve different stages of the business.

Another important certification is ISO 14001, which is based on ISO 9001 and has a greater focus on guidelines and issues related to the business' environmental management system. The sustainability and environmental protection assurance are points covered in this certificate, so that the whole company has a culture for environmental responsibility.

Another interesting example of quality certification is ISO 17025, which directly addresses issues involving calibration laboratories or test-runs. Thus, the companies that have it prove that they carry out their activities with adequate precision, also guaranteeing confidence in the results.

All these examples demonstrate the importance of having a supplier of rubber products for the factory that is also concerned with quality certifications. Keeping processes well mapped, understanding the impacts on the environment and society and ensuring the results of your products are great points of attention when choosing your partner.

Optimization of processes for delivery according to the agreed deadline

Confidence in your supplier also requires a guarantee that the products will be delivered within the agreed deadlines, thus allowing production plans to be carried out with complete success. Part of the maxim that “the agreed is not expensive”, with the deadlines that were agreed being fully met with efficiency.

And an important point is that there may be different scenarios and variations in the market , in logistics and in the world scenario – and you must be prepared for this type of occurrence. Clear and efficient communication also helps at this time, making the supplier feel comfortable in exposing the situation and together seeking a solution that meets both sides of the business.

Have a cost adequate to the business demand

The cost does vary with business demand and can be impacted, including by product delivery times. So, it's important to keep this in mind and build a contract that makes it clear every part of the amount you're being charged. In a negotiation, a comfortable situation for both sides must be sought, resulting in long-term partnerships.

Find the right supplier with

Finding MFG is the one-stop platform for all your manufacturing needs! From customized products to product designing services, you will find everything at one place. Connect with sellers anytime, anywhere. Our online portal is at your service 24/7 with everything you need just a click away! Connect with us to know more.


Plastic Mold Company is ideal for anyone who needs security and protection for their company's electronic parts. There are several other benefits of hiring a plastic mold factory for your company in addition to the low cost and efficiency it offers. You will discover them in this blog.

The manufacture of molds for plastic injection has as main function to protect and increase the durability of electronic devices.

If you want to understand how to choose the right plastic mold company for your product, read on!

What does a plastic injection mold manufacturing company do?
A plastic mold company, as we said in the introduction, is responsible for producing plastic parts and providing practicality and safety for projects involving electronic parts .

That is, if you own an electronic parts factory or need to ensure more safety for your company's parts, a plastic mold company is the solution you need.

Involving high technology, you can outsource your services, thus avoiding expenses with other professionals, machinery and other equipment that are present during the entire production.

Thus, in addition to saving money, you ensure agility in the process and reduce all the bureaucracy that would be involved in the purchase of machinery, parts and in hiring qualified employees.

With the help of a plastic mold manufacturer, your project is monitored throughout the process, as the manufacturer will identify the needs of your product, which is the best design to follow and even which material to use.

All of this is designed by a team that values budget, quality and delivery time, being able to manufacture your part in approximately 15 days, depending on the technique used.

While the plastic injection technology takes months, a company that works with CNC machines (Computer Numerical Control), can provide you with high performance and low cost.

Benefits of investing in CNC machine

• Savings: the initial investment is 5% to 10% of the investment in a common mold;

• Flexibility: the technology allows for changes in dimensions and placement of holes, slots and undercuts. Changes to the CNC machine are quickly performed, as in a plastic injection mold, the process is slower and, often, it is necessary to make a new mold, which makes the service more expensive;

• Design: benefit of the Eplax plastic mold factory, you will have a team of designers to propose the best technical solution for your product.

How does CNC plastic molding work?
Now you understand the benefits of investing in CNC machines and outsourcing the services of the injection mold maker, see below, in a didactic way, how plastic molding works through this powerful technology.

A good manufacturer will analyze your electronics, the amount of molds needed, the most suitable material and, of course, the color you want.

They should possess the ability to identify the best way to follow and maintain the initial design of the client's project, so every process must be thought out and planned carefully.

After the production of the parts, they go through some finishing steps, which can be done manually or by automatic machines, but the plastic mold company decides this.

It is to be noted that like all manufacturing machinery, it is extremely important that the plastic mold company carry out its periodic inspection and revision.

Therefore, before closing any business in a plastic mold company, our tip is to ask and see how the company handles the revisions of its machines.

This ensures that the machining of flat thermoplastic sheets goes according to plan, avoiding wear, delay in production and loss of material.

That said, we brought it below in a simple way and to make it clearer, what is the difference between these manufacturers, check this out!

What is the difference between plastic manufacturers with or without molds?
As mentioned earlier, it is important to understand what actually changes when choosing a plastic factory and to identify whether or not it uses the mold manufacturing format.

Some manufacturers use plastic molding before production rather than directly manufacturing the cabinets and other protective parts for your electronics.

This can end up delaying production and increasing the project's budgetary cost.

Remember to talk openly with the chosen company and understand which of the two parts manufacturing processes is carried out there.

If necessary, ask why they use molds, since the model without molds is what guarantees more efficiency, low price and lower cost.

In production without a mold, the modifications of the parts are usually simpler and faster, in addition to the initial cost, which, as previously mentioned, is lower, making any type of project feasible.

In the case of productions that use the mold, it is common for them to take more time and cost more, due to the fact that they need more specific tools, more labor and more energy.

So, do you already know which is the best plastic mold company for your company?

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Any business that produces electronic products such as mobiles, computers, machinery and vehicles needs printed circuit boards (PCBs). The PCB saves space and allows for cleaner, smaller product designs.

Your company may have your product prototypes ready and now you need to hire a PCB manufacturer for mass production.

With demand comes supply, and fortunately there are many vendors using the latest in PCB design software . However, choosing the right provider for your business carries risks. Quality, compliance, and sourcing will take precedence over cost and delivery, and in this article, we cover what to look for in a supplier.

Before a company can choose its suppliers, it needs to know its inventory requirements for its infancy and growth phases. Why? Well, all businesses, especially startups, need working capital and cash flow is king. Revenues must exceed costs for the long-term viability and growth of the business. So don't improvise, commit to inventory or a supplier. Start with a solid business plan and build on it with confidence to order from suppliers and partners.

Business plan

People don't plan to fail, they don't plan . In your business plan will be your objectives, investment strategy, sales objectives, marketing plan, operations and financial forecasts. Ideally, you will also have a PEST and SWOT analysis. PEST analysis investigates what external factors can threaten the success of your business.

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis is a look at your business. What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats? Also, what are your KPIs? It is during this study that you will learn if there really is a market for your products and services.

PEST analysis

While we cannot predict the future, as business owners, with a lot of risk, we can make an assumption based on a detailed analysis of what may affect the health of our business. The PEST analysis provides information on external factors that can affect confidence and purchasing power of the consumer.

PEST is an acronym for political, economic, environmental, social, and technological. With this information, you will have a good idea of ??how your new business will succeed in good times and bad.

Your business plan provides the confidence to engage with partners, including a PCB manufacturer if your company produces products with electronic parts. Consider these recommendations as part of your selection process.

PCB quality

Avoid making a hasty decision based on price and speedy delivery. Always focus on quality first. Manufacturing high-quality PCBs essentially means that the board is produced without errors in its drawing and production. For example, the PCB must have all the precise dimensions and all the holes drilled and positioned correctly. There should be minimal plate warping (although some plate designs will naturally cause a little warping, and you will know when this is the case), and it should pass the bare plate tests.

To ensure that your potential supplier is consistent in quality, speak to a non-competitor that uses the technology and performs random independent testing of the plates. Low-cost manufacturers can source their equipment from non-compliant manufacturers, and when this is discovered, it can damage your product and business reputation, so get all the industry certifications.


Do your research to determine if a manufacturer has prerequisite industry certifications, for example ISO or BS standards. Some manufacturers will simply claim compliance without the certificates to prove it.

PCB corridors

Ask the manufacturer where your circuit boards are manufactured. Not all PCB manufacturers are the source, they are actually just intermediaries and act as intermediaries between the actual manufacturer and their customer.

One of the downsides to working with brokers is that it is not always possible to ensure that the requirements are understood and that the PCBs are manufactured accordingly, plus there may be inconsistencies with warranties and compliance. While not all brokers are unethical if you go directly to the manufacturer, you do have a source relationship.


Digital transformation is now a matter of survival for many companies today. However, many of such companies still have difficulties to advocate the importance of innovation to their leaders, in a clear and objective way.

According to a Forbes survey, to make digital transformation happen and be successful, all managers in the organization must be engaged and updated on technological advances, as well as aware of the impact that some solutions can bring to corporate processes.

In this post, we have selected 3 tips to submit good arguments to your company’s board.

3 strengths of digitization that can persuade your leaders

1 – The numbers speak for themselves

There are a variety of technologies and business models that are leveraged by digital transformation. There are also several surveys and interviews with executives who are experiencing this digitization and can prove the importance of ‘surfing’ the 4.0 wave.

To persuade the leaders of your company, it’s no use talking about technical names and new trends, because they won’t probably understand the jargon. Actually, managers want to know about business results; therefore, always come up with numbers, to make it easier to see the evolution and glimpse the benefits of digitization.

In short, don’t attempt to explain technologies or digitization, but rather the positive impacts they can have on business.

2 – Tough competition

With the advent of so many technologies, companies cannot turn a blind eye and pretend they are not seeing the fast growth of their competitors.

As stated above, digitization is currently a matter of survival.

With that in mind, leaders must know what technologies and processes their competitors are using to gain a larger market share, achieve better results and be more effective.

Therefore, it’s advisable to take a detailed analysis of competitors’ businesses with you, to help in the decision-making process.

3 – Quick and accurate decisions

This can be your winning card if the leaders are still unwilling to accept digitization. When addressing this subject, make it clear that the use of technologies will result in data and information that make decision-making easier, faster, smarter and more strategic.

When used correctly, data analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning can help and orient business decisions, thus leveraging business, creating innovation and ideas for new products or services, and optimizing operating expenses, along with a host of other benefits.

With these three factors addressed in a correct fashion, there is no denying the digital transformation. Probably some managers will need training to experience change correctly. However, these are details that can be easily settled after technology has been accepted as part of the business.

It’s important to keep in mind that digital transformation means not only process change, but also people transformation.

When your directors are ready, it will be time to familiarize employees with the new organizational culture.

So, have you any further questions about how to persuade your company’s directors about the importance of digitization? Give your opinion in the comments!

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