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Advance Plastics regularly upgrades and replaces its molding machines with the newest top-of-the-line equipment to help keep our cost, speed, and quality, two steps ahead of the competition. In 2018 alone, Advance Plastics added more than 4 full-size injection molding & CNC machines to its production fleet of  35-1000 ton outputting machines. Our new machines are significantly more energy efficient, helping us leave a much smaller ecological footprint and enabling us to do our part for the environment. Our commitment to the latest most efficient technologies makes us more agile, efficient, sustainable, and scalable, creating savings that we can pass down to the customer. Because of our exceptional production capabilities, Advance Plastics is able to be a high-volume low-cost manufacturer. Choosing us as your high-tech supplier, makes you a high-tech customer.

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225 W 30th St, National City, CA 91950 National-City California United States 91950

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Name Advance Plastics
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