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FAST TURN PCB(chinese name Jujin) Established in 2007, Fast Turn PCB is a PCB+Parts+PCBA+Testing manufacturer in China, have one PCB quick turn shop , one PCB production shop and one assembly shop . We proud with our Great quality . Fast Turn PCB Treat Quality as our life . Base on this faith. we continuously import advanced device machine like Auto plating line , vacuum etching line , auto dry film machine , Auto inspection machine , printing silkscreen machine. Blind via copper filled line ,LDI , laser drill machine, AOI , auto E-test machine and so on ,Because we believe advance device is base for good quality.

For PCB Manufacture, we like to do multilayer 4-50 Layer , HDI blind and buried board 5-7days, Rigid-flex 5-8days, High frequency & High speed , Hard gold board and ICS board . We have stock ShengYi S1000-2M,ITEQ IT180A and TU768 and KB FR4 , also have Rogers4000s, 3000s, 5880 , TU872,Megtron 6 ,VT-901 and FTG-8000 Series,ICS Material ; our internal team have set up a quick turn team to make sure quick turn job on time delivery . Also have a Technical team to service different high end project . Make sure difficult board can be build right.We have another production shop which is focus on medium and big volume(up to 1077(sq.ft) per order) , had very competetive price .

For Assembly service, we have components and parts phurcasing team can do BOM PROCUREMENT , production line has Panasonic NPM (2+1) dual-track high-speed line; 2 JUKI(1+1) medium-speed lines; 1 JUNKI prototype line. 4 plug-in solder lines and 2 assembly lines in the electronic workshop. can do 6million pins per day , We have separated production line for product with lead and lead-free to control the process of fabrication,testing,and shipping strictly.

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Guangzhou, China Guangzhou Guizhou China 510000

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