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Omni Circuit Boards is your source for superconducting cryogenic PCB manufacturing, in other words, PCBs capable to operate at very low temperatures. If you need reliable superconducting PCBs or PCBs for aluminum wire-bonding, please contact us. We are familiar with the thermal properties of our PCBs down to millikelvin temperatures, the challenges of thermal cycling, and making superconducting connections to our PCBs. We are the proud manufacturer of the cryogenic Aluminum-Trace Printed Circuit Boards found in D-Wave quantum computers. These PCBs have operated flawlessly at temperatures down to 10 mK, and have remained in service for years. We have also been a Global Provider of Copper Printed Circuit Boards manufacturing and layout services for more than 25 years’. Omni Circuit Boards was founded as a print shop in 1985 (Omni Graphics) though quickly evolved into a premier Printed Circuit Board manufacturer for prototyping, short runs and urgent R&D response projects. Omni maintains a tradition of providing the highest standards of precision engineering, quality control and technical support possible. Our customers are among the most prestigious universities, OEM technology and R&D companies in the world. In 2020 we continue focusing our R&D efforts on the manufacturing of reliable Aluminum-Trace PCBs (super low temperature capable PCBs - used in cryogenics).

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Unit 3, 12760 Bathgate Way, Richmond, BC Canada, V6V1Z4 Richmond British Columbia Canada

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