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In the UK electrical manufacturing industry, Quartz TSL is unique. Initially, Quartz TSL produced high-end printed circuit boards. But over time, customers requested that Quartz TSL also populate their boards. As a result, Quartz TSL is currently regarded as one of the UK's top electrical manufacturers.

Located in the UK, Quartz TSL manufactures PCBs. internal production of printed circuit boards (PCB). Quartz TSL is a premier supplier of electronic contract manufacturing services (EMS) with headquarters in the UK.

Since 1987, when Quartz TSL first began manufacturing PCBs on-site. Offering a variety of integrated manufacturing services has been determined to be necessary. Not every consumer needs the same set of services.

being able to choose the ideal combination of services

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Electronic Mfg
Design Studio
Box Build
PCB Assembly
Wire Harness
Electronic Design Engineer
PCB Layout Designer
PCB Designer
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Stokes Industrial Park The Sidings, Merrylees, Near Desford Leicestershire LE9 9FE United Kingdom. Merrylees Leicestershire United Kingdom LE9 9FE

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Name Quartz Technical Services Ltd
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Monday 08:00 am - 04:00 pm
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