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To serve numerous markets, including but not limited to boat and ship builders, marinas, and maritime businesses, we deal with various manufacturing techniques like press molding, rubber extrusions, and plastic co-extrusions. Also, we collaborate with companies that are engaged in the production of windows and doors, construction, specialist vehicles, and many other industries.

Offering tough, marine-grade products that are made entirely in the USA, TECHNO RUBBER INDUSTRIES Co. is happy to do so. TRI is ready to offer technical assistance for creating new profiles in accordance with customer requirements. Without requiring a sizable initial order, we are happy to accomplish this for new clients. Only 300 feet per roll are required for your first order.

We offer both domestic and international shipping. Every type of credit card is accepted.

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9401 N.W. 106th Street, Suite 111 Medley, FL 33178 Medley Florida United States 33178

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Name Techno Rubber Industries Co
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Monday 08:00 am - 04:00 pm
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