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Tintronics Industries is a veteran-owned and operated small business that was founded in 1988. We're located in Huntsville, Alabama, just above the Tennessee River. Our success is part of the legacy of the U.S. Space Program that grew up in our town and left the area with the skills and determination to put humans on the moon. Tintronics is proud to be a part of north Alabama's technology corridor and the industrial, scientific and military clients we serve. We offer Robotic and semi-automatic hot solder dipping including tin-mitigation of all through-hole and SMT devices utilizing leaded, lead-free, high temperature and exotic metals. Precision lead forming of critical devices including Fine Pitch QFPs, Flat Packs, DIPs, SIPs, and tooling to accommodate many axial, radial and other through-hole configurations. Tape-and-reel packaging to deliver your parts the way you need them. State-of-the-art Ball Grid Array (BGA) reflow process to provide the precise controls needed for balling or re-balling most ceramic and non-ceramic components. The next time your organization needs component lead forming, tinning, tape and reel packaging or BGA balling, contact Tintronics. We'd like to show you how our edge can get you to market sooner and keep returns and rejects away from your door.

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Electronic Mfg
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PCB Assembly
Wire Harness
BGA Repair and Replacement
Flexible Printed Circuit Board
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2122 Metro Circle Huntsville, AL 35801 Huntsville Alabama United States 35801

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