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When the business was established in 1974, Quick Circuits has lived up to its name. Its quick turnaround times and high-quality service have led to rapid growth while keeping up with advanced design and production techniques. This has guaranteed Quick Circuits a clear position at the forefront of the sector.

Working with the R&D and manufacturing divisions of numerous "blue-chip" firms in the high technology sector in the UK, Europe, and North America, including significant OEMs, Quick Circuits has honed its expertise in PCB connectivity.

The service is founded on a dedication to the full potential of CAD-CAM and embraces telecommunications, audiovisual, and military applications.

Speed, quality, cost, and flexibility that only a professional can provide

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Electronic Mfg
Box Build
PCB Assembly
Wire Harness
BGA Repair and Replacement
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1 Loverock Road, Reading, Berkshire RG30 1DZ England, UK Berkshire Derbyshire United Kingdom RG30 1DZ

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Name Quick Circuits Ltd
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